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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Computer was Doing in the Background

A modern server or PC holds several programs in memory, although only a few of them run at any given moment. And while your taskbar shows most of the currently running applications, there are dozens of them running quietly in the background. Some of which are vital, others potentially malicious, while others are unnecessarily running. Either case, you may never notice unless you are interested. But generally, below are the processes that usually run on your PC’s background.

  1. Word Processor

word processing largeWhether or not you are using this utility, it will be running at any given moment provided the PC is on. In addition to enabling document creation, the editing and sharing tool also allows one to access storage properties. It’s, therefore, one of the utilities that you may never notice that they were running on your computer’s background.

  1. Windows Defender Utility

Windows defender is an anti-malware program from the Microsoft Windows. It helps connect the local computer to the malware protection manager, frees memory, and also returns status information about various components of the malware protection manager. It is, therefore, a vital utility that will run at any moment.

  1. Spreadsheet and Email Utility

Another utility that always runs on your PC’s background, unless stopped, is the spreadsheet and email function. It helps to run the mailto hyperlink function when creating emails from Excel, including the recipient’s address, subject, and the body.

  1. Software Protection Utilities

The Software security function is there to protect your PC against malicious attacks amongst other risks. It also ensures that programs continue to function correctly under such potential threats. Security is, therefore, necessary to provide integrity and authentication all through.

  1. Security Accounts Manager

Security accounts manager also runs to help keep you protected from potential cyber crimes. It is, therefore, one of the vital processes that have to always run for your accounts safety.

Closing programs running on your computer’s background can significantly help free up system resources for your other vital applications. This can even resolve problems where your system is running slow, or two applications are trying to use the same support. Besides, it can also help identify conflicting third-party software that’s running on your system. Therefore, while some of the programs will be vital for the optimum functioning of your PC, others can be stopped to boost system capability.

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