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5 Releases to Expect from Microsoft in 2018

Every year Microsoft has something new and more improved for its users. 2018 is no exception and below are among the top 5 expected releases this year, 2018:

  1. Office 2019

Microsoft-Office-2019For users who have kept the use of on-premise office and not the office 365, Microsoft has you covered for this year with a new version expected. The version will be released in the later part of the year 2018 but preview copies are already out for viewing. This new version will come with things like the normal Office Standards which are PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Word for clients and also server versions such as Skype, SharePoint and Exchange for business users.

Although many of the updated features are availed for office 365 users only, this new version will bring with new tricks such as new charts and formulas for excel and also extra PowerPoint animation features. Among other server, enhancements are security, voice, usability, IT manageability.

    1. Dynamics NAV and 365 Tenerife 2018

This year Dynamics 2018 will be released and also a new NAV cloud version will as well be released. The cloud version is Tenerife Dynamics 2018.

  1. New applications for 365 Dynamics

The Tenerife to be released this year will be among the changes and it aims to replace the famous Business edition which small enterprises make use of. The structures will undergo modification to enhance the flexibility of coming up with solutions to user needs.

  1. Surface mobile device

At this age, businesses are required to remain constant with global connectivity so as to keep the competition taking advantage of most opportunities. This application so to enable mobility whereby you can move with it to coordinate the business despite the location hence maximizing productivity.

  1. Business function Skype

Microsoft announced sidelining business Skype alongside other communications client for office 365 to form Microsoft teams which will help them conduct business as teams well. The company aims at coming up with an application which will be for project management and communications for easy collaboration, connections and updating each other as a business team.

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