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Data Recovery Companies and Transparent Pricing

Losing your data is something that everyone fears. Unfortunately there are times that you simply can’t prevent this from happening. Luckily there are some companies out their that can help to recover your lost data, saving you both time and money. But before you trust your data and your money to just anyone, there are some things you are going to need to know. Below we are going to learn what to look for in a data recovery company and how transparent their prices should be.

No Data No Charge

The first thing you should find out is if the recovery company you are dealing with charges if no data is recovered. Any good data recovery company will not charge you a dime if no data can be recovered. Their first move they should do is determine if data can be recovered and they should never charge you for this service.


Free Estimate

Before the data recovery process is to begin a company should be able to give you a free estimate. This estimate will give you a general idea of what to expect to pay for your data recovery. While the charge may be a little more or a little less in the end, it should be very close to your free estimate. You should avoid any company that charges a fee for estimates.


Expected Time Frame

Getting your data back as quickly as possible is always something that everyone expects. But the process of recovery can take a few days or longer to complete. Most companies will give you a time frame so that you will know when to expect your data to be delivered.

If you have lost data and you need someone to recover it for you, make sure that you follow these guidelines. Having transparent pricing policies is a good practice that every data recovery company should conduct.

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