Technological advancement has ensured that sports bring an electrified feeling to not only the players as well as the fans. Building upon the already achieved milestones in the technical steps by 2018, the various researches, innovations and inventions without a doubt bring the hope of a highly digitized 2019. The innovations have had sportsmen and fans anticipate of further innovations of the already exciting technology that will further pave the way for new inventions. For instance, the exercise assistants, widely termed as the wearable tech devices will, without doubt, have diversified. The wearable fitness tracking devices would have succeeded in expanding into stimulation of the brain to enhance performance. However, the innovations are still on draft awaiting completion.

Consequently, with the growing need for comfort in the stadium by the fans, the need for digitized and connected stadiums will further require to be advanced. The technology in sports in 2019 should see to it that delivery of services to the fans in the stadium are digitized. Moreover, with the increase in ticket prices, the fans should have the worth of their money felt. Individual instant replays would enhance satisfaction. The stadium should have a touch of home brought to the stadium.

The sense of virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, would further advance in 2019 to have real-life applications on the daily lives of the sportsmen. The virtual reality platforms that currently run the gaming arena would without a doubt have a significant rise in sporting performance. Through the virtual and augmented reality would help coach the athletes in making rational decisions in training that will affect their field performance.

Eventually, with the innovations in wearable tech that can take the course in 2019, the idea of a connected player would highly complement the wearable device. The connected player that would monitor the actions of the player would encourage the players to focus on their activities. In overseeing the operations, the shape and actions of the player get to be saved for future analysis of the player’s course of training. Therefore, in having the innovations and inventions taken into consideration, then 2019 will be the start of a new era full of unimaginable technological advancements.


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