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Technology That Will Assist You During Storm Season

Storm season is upon us and we have already had a rocky start. While the season has just got started, it is predicted that this year may be one of the worst on record. Staying safe during hurricane season is especially important for those who live along the coast. For those in harm’s way, getting all the help you can is the best way to keep your family safe. Today we are going to learn how technology can help assist you during this storm season and beyond.

Social Media

When a storm hits chances are you are going to lose power. Not having electricity means that you can’t track the storm on your TV. Many people get their weather from their local TV news station and not being able to get updates can put you at risk. So when the power is out, a great way that to stay informed is through social media. Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the social media platforms that you can use to keep up with the latest weather.

Smart Generators

Some storms can knock out power for many days or even weeks, depending on how hard your area is hit. Going that long without power can really make life a living nightmare. Not being able to heat water or cook meals can put a damper on your everyday life. Instead of going without power, why not install a smart generator outside your home? Smart generators will automatically come on when the power goes out, providing you with light. These generators are quieter than traditional models and they are much more fuel efficient.


If you are in an area with poor WiFi, keeping in contact with your family may be difficult. Zello is an app that can turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie, even if you have a poor network connection. This app will allow you to update your status and communicate with loved ones who are outside of the storm zone. The app will even let you send photos and video which is always a plus.

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How Technology is Changing Privacy

As at now, technology has found its way deep into our lives to a point that it’s invading our personal and private space. To most of us, integrating technology into our lives seems to be beneficial. But doesn’t the fact that your privacy is being interfered with scare you? Today, nearly 95% of adults either own a tablet, laptop or mobile phone that they use to access the internet on the regular.

Due to the fact, that nearly everyone owns this kind of technology, it’s safe to say that your mobile phone probably knows you more than your wife or parents. This occurs during advancements in technology and you allowing these devices to intrude on your personal life. Technology has become part and parcel of our everyday lives including our private life. So, how is technology changing your privacy?

It’s Storing all Your Personal Information

Personal data is meant to only be personal. However, technology has swayed us into believing technological devices such as mobile phones are good for storing personal information. It’s quite often to find one storing all personal information such as credit card numbers and pins on their phones. But, are you sure that your information is safe there? What if your phone gets hacked? Or what if someone knows your pin code? You can easily be robbed without even knowing. On another note, people nowadays have downloaded diary apps on their phones. Just try to imagine if someone accesses your diary. All of your personal information could easily find its way to the public.

Technology is Tracking Your Location at all Times

Wherever you decide to go, that is your own private decision. There are at times when one wants to visit some places in privacy. But, apps such as Google Maps and Instagram are able to track your every move. You may be enjoying using these apps for navigation. But, they can also aid another party to monitor each and of your every movement. This is something that infringes your privacy.

It also Tracks Your Online Activity

Ever tried accessing a website and it asked you to accept cookies? These cookies are used to track your online activity. As a result, your private information such as passwords are saved. If this information falls on the wrong hands then you may be in great trouble.

From the above, it’s safe to say that as much as technology is benefiting us, it’s also changing our privacy. Our personal details aren’t as safe as they used to be. It’s why you should learn to be more cautious when it comes to using technology.


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5 Releases to Expect from Microsoft in 2018

Every year Microsoft has something new and more improved for its users. 2018 is no exception and below are among the top 5 expected releases this year, 2018:

  1. Office 2019

Microsoft-Office-2019For users who have kept the use of on-premise office and not the office 365, Microsoft has you covered for this year with a new version expected. The version will be released in the later part of the year 2018 but preview copies are already out for viewing. This new version will come with things like the normal Office Standards which are PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Word for clients and also server versions such as Skype, SharePoint and Exchange for business users.

Although many of the updated features are availed for office 365 users only, this new version will bring with new tricks such as new charts and formulas for excel and also extra PowerPoint animation features. Among other server, enhancements are security, voice, usability, IT manageability.

    1. Dynamics NAV and 365 Tenerife 2018

This year Dynamics 2018 will be released and also a new NAV cloud version will as well be released. The cloud version is Tenerife Dynamics 2018.

  1. New applications for 365 Dynamics

The Tenerife to be released this year will be among the changes and it aims to replace the famous Business edition which small enterprises make use of. The structures will undergo modification to enhance the flexibility of coming up with solutions to user needs.

  1. Surface mobile device

At this age, businesses are required to remain constant with global connectivity so as to keep the competition taking advantage of most opportunities. This application so to enable mobility whereby you can move with it to coordinate the business despite the location hence maximizing productivity.

  1. Business function Skype

Microsoft announced sidelining business Skype alongside other communications client for office 365 to form Microsoft teams which will help them conduct business as teams well. The company aims at coming up with an application which will be for project management and communications for easy collaboration, connections and updating each other as a business team.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Computer was Doing in the Background

A modern server or PC holds several programs in memory, although only a few of them run at any given moment. And while your taskbar shows most of the currently running applications, there are dozens of them running quietly in the background. Some of which are vital, others potentially malicious, while others are unnecessarily running. Either case, you may never notice unless you are interested. But generally, below are the processes that usually run on your PC’s background.

  1. Word Processor

word processing largeWhether or not you are using this utility, it will be running at any given moment provided the PC is on. In addition to enabling document creation, the editing and sharing tool also allows one to access storage properties. It’s, therefore, one of the utilities that you may never notice that they were running on your computer’s background.

  1. Windows Defender Utility

Windows defender is an anti-malware program from the Microsoft Windows. It helps connect the local computer to the malware protection manager, frees memory, and also returns status information about various components of the malware protection manager. It is, therefore, a vital utility that will run at any moment.

  1. Spreadsheet and Email Utility

Another utility that always runs on your PC’s background, unless stopped, is the spreadsheet and email function. It helps to run the mailto hyperlink function when creating emails from Excel, including the recipient’s address, subject, and the body.

  1. Software Protection Utilities

The Software security function is there to protect your PC against malicious attacks amongst other risks. It also ensures that programs continue to function correctly under such potential threats. Security is, therefore, necessary to provide integrity and authentication all through.

  1. Security Accounts Manager

Security accounts manager also runs to help keep you protected from potential cyber crimes. It is, therefore, one of the vital processes that have to always run for your accounts safety.

Closing programs running on your computer’s background can significantly help free up system resources for your other vital applications. This can even resolve problems where your system is running slow, or two applications are trying to use the same support. Besides, it can also help identify conflicting third-party software that’s running on your system. Therefore, while some of the programs will be vital for the optimum functioning of your PC, others can be stopped to boost system capability.

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Technological advancement has ensured that sports bring an electrified feeling to not only the players as well as the fans. Building upon the already achieved milestones in the technical steps by 2018, the various researches, innovations and inventions without a doubt bring the hope of a highly digitized 2019. The innovations have had sportsmen and fans anticipate of further innovations of the already exciting technology that will further pave the way for new inventions. For instance, the exercise assistants, widely termed as the wearable tech devices will, without doubt, have diversified. The wearable fitness tracking devices would have succeeded in expanding into stimulation of the brain to enhance performance. However, the innovations are still on draft awaiting completion.

Consequently, with the growing need for comfort in the stadium by the fans, the need for digitized and connected stadiums will further require to be advanced. The technology in sports in 2019 should see to it that delivery of services to the fans in the stadium are digitized. Moreover, with the increase in ticket prices, the fans should have the worth of their money felt. Individual instant replays would enhance satisfaction. The stadium should have a touch of home brought to the stadium.

The sense of virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, would further advance in 2019 to have real-life applications on the daily lives of the sportsmen. The virtual reality platforms that currently run the gaming arena would without a doubt have a significant rise in sporting performance. Through the virtual and augmented reality would help coach the athletes in making rational decisions in training that will affect their field performance.

Eventually, with the innovations in wearable tech that can take the course in 2019, the idea of a connected player would highly complement the wearable device. The connected player that would monitor the actions of the player would encourage the players to focus on their activities. In overseeing the operations, the shape and actions of the player get to be saved for future analysis of the player’s course of training. Therefore, in having the innovations and inventions taken into consideration, then 2019 will be the start of a new era full of unimaginable technological advancements.


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